A laser printer is a common type of printer that rapidly produces high quality text and photos on plain paper. Marc has machines for full colour laser printing and for black ink only - both of which can print onto a wide range of recycled papers and cards. Our machines can print up to A3.
Laser printers are a very cheap way of producing short runs of full colour printing, and longer runs of black and white, as there is very little set up involved.
Whilst not as "green" as a risograph or inkjet, they do have many advantages over offset/lithographic printing. There are no plates to make, no nasty odours from the prints, no nasty acidic or alkaline solutions used during the print process and no need to clean down the machine after each job.

What it can't do
It can't use soya-based inks. (see risograph)
Laser printers use toner, a dry powder that is melted by the heat of the fuser to bind it to the paper.

It can't do full colour high volume printing at a competitive price.
The cost for us of printing each sheet is the same whether the print run is one or thousands. It doesn't really get much cheaper the more that you do. If you need more than about 5,000 black and white copies, or about 500 full colour copies, it will probably be cheaper to use a different process.

DIY printing (see Print Services)
Our laser printers are not available for DIY printing - DIY can only be done on the risograph printers. It is still possible for us to do the printing for you, and we can either do the folding, stapling or booklet making as well, or you can do the finishing as DIY.