Here are the paper colours we have in stock

1 Canary 80g and 100g
2 Pink 80g and 100g
3 Cream 80g and 100g
4 Lilac 80g only
5 Blue 80g and 100g
6 Intense Yellow 80g and 100g
7 Green 80g and 100g
8 Sunflower 80g
9 Silver Grey 120g
10 Tangerine 120g
11 Kraft Ribbed 90g
12 Evolution White 100g
13 Eco Grey 100g slight texture
14 Loop Birch 118g slight
15 Loop Straw 118g slight
16 ProDesign 120g silk
17 BioTop off white 120g
18 Cairn Cream 120g textured
19 Cairn White 120g textured
20 Cairn Cream Straw 120g
21 Cairn White Straw 120g

looking for greater than 140g see card range